Acting Principal's Message

The library…

To support our commitment to improving student growth in reading, we are dedicating resources into our library. Janine Sheehan, our library technician, with the support of Maria Georgakopoulos, are working tirelessly to clean out our library and are looking at revamping it. Janine is in the process of applying for a grant to furnish the library. The library will now be open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at recess for children to discover and explore the magic of books.

What can you do at home to be supportive? Promote curiosity in words. Dr Seuss was very talented in doing this and children today continue to be drawn into the ridiculousness and silliness of his stories. Please ask your child’s teacher for ideas to support you in this venture.

Digital Technologies…

Our Professional Learning Day also offered us opportunities to reflect on the ways in which we embed digital technologies into our classroom programs. Zaim Zeneli led the staff and shared his experiences in using various apps to support student learning. Zaim’s class’ involvement in the iPad learning experience has inspired us to explore the uses of technology in many more ways.

The calendar…

As we launch into term 2, the calendar is quickly filling up. We are in the process of placing the school calendar onto Compass so that you can also add to it. This will make it easier to keep a record and manage our busy schedules. For the time being, please be patient as we work through this process.

Please add the following events:

Working Bee Saturday 12 May – it would be great to have as many families come and help tidy up our school. Due to building works, we have not had a working bee for over a year.

Prahran High School Principal visit Wednesday 2 May – Nathan Chisholm is keen to share his vision for our new local high school. He will be available to talk to Year 6 parents but we are in the process of arranging a date where other families in our school can meet him and find out a little bit more about this exciting new prospect.

Final Note…

Many of you are aware that our principal has spent four weeks in Europe and was due to return to school this week. Unfortunately Rochelle fell ill and is at home recovering. She assures us that she had a wonderful time and we look forward to her returning to school soon.

Connie Apostolos-Thermos

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