Principal's Message

Disco is on tonight

I am looking forward to seeing all the children on the dance floor tonight!! Thank you again to our creative PFA for ensuring that the children have a very enjoyable end of term celebration.

Long service leave

We will be wishing Malcolm Dow a wonderful long service leave at our final assembly tomorrow afternoon which will start at 1.30pm.

We won’t be seeing Malcolm until the start of 2018 so if you would like to say farewell to Malcolm please join us there. I personally will miss Malcolm very much, he is incredibly supportive of all that we do at APS, a jack of all trades often solving problems and fixing things up around the school and my partner in crime in whole school dress up days. However, I know that he and his wife Elinor are looking forward to some extensive travel to warmer parts of Australia, some time in their garden and catching up on some great reading. We hope he keeps in touch with all of us. 

We will also be wishing Kate Pilgrim a fantastic break as she and her partner Brad travel up north to Brisbane for the term. We have appointed Sarah Lee who is known to the children and met the class on Monday. We look forward to seeing Kate back with us for Term 4.

Reporting Feedback

As always, I aim to strengthen our partnership by seeking your thoughts and perspectives when we introduce a change or shift in our practices.

Please let me know your thoughts on the changes to our reports that you noticed –

1. What did you like?

2. What needs strengthening/ improving?

3. How did you find the opportunity to have a formal Parent teacher interview with the teacher?

4. How did you find the opportunity to talk to our specialist teachers?

Do not hesitate to email me on with your thoughts.

Advance notice: Tuesday August 15th is our In School Learning day

Our next In School Learning day (Curriculum day) is Tuesday 15th August.

The reason why we rotate days for our curriculum days is because the same classes then don’t miss out on their specialist classes. For example if a Prep class had Art on a Monday and we always held Curriculum days on a Monday, then they would often miss out.

OOSHC will be running a curriculum day program on that date so look out for all the details to book all the children in.

Screen Time And Kids: What’s Happening In Our Homes?

Owning your own smartphone or tablet is now the new normal for Australian children, new research released today shows.

The latest Australian Child Health Poll has found that almost all Australian teenagers, two-thirds of primary school-aged children and one-third of pre-schoolers now own their own tablet or smartphone. As well as owning their own device, three in four teenagers, and one in six primary school-aged children, have their own social media accounts.

The minimum age restriction on most social media platforms is 13.

The Director of the Australian Child Health Poll, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes said one of the most significant findings, that directly affected children’s health, was the impact of screen use at bedtime on sleep.

“Almost half of children regularly use screen-based devices at bedtime, with one in four children reporting sleep problems as a result. Teenagers using screens routinely at bedtime were also more likely to report experiencing online bullying. It’s best to have no screen-time an hour before bed and keep screens out of the bedroom, to ensure a better quality of sleep.” The poll also reveals that 50 per cent of toddlers and pre-schoolers are using a screen-based device without supervision.

“The demands of the modern lifestyle mean a lot of parents are busy, so they use screen use as a digital babysitter. We found that 85 per cent of parents of young children say they use screens to occupy their kids so they can get things done.” Dr Rhodes said.

“There is little evidence to support the idea that screen use benefits the development of infants and toddlers, but physical playtime and face-to-face contact is proven to be critical to a child’s development. If you do offer screen time to your young child, it’s better if you watch it with them, so you can talk together about what they are seeing and help children to learn from the experience.”

When it comes to what’s happening in Australian households, Dr Rhodes said that many families are experiencing conflict over screen use and that a lack of physical activity and excessive use are big concerns to parents.

Dr Rhodes adds that the poll identified a link between parents’ screen use and their children’s use of screens.

“A strong relationship was seen between parents’ screen use and that of their children. Basically, a parent who has high levels of screen use is more likely to have a child with high levels of use. Three quarters

of parents of children under six also said they do not put time limits on screen use. However, most parents told us that they do try to limit their children’s screen use but are not sure how to do this effectively.” she said.

The current Australian guidelines for screen use in children were last updated in 2014, but Dr Rhodes says new guidelines may go some way in helping parents with their children’s screen use.

“These were developed before the widespread use of mobile screen devices. Up-to-date guidelines and resources for parents, and healthcare workers, would give parents a base for developing healthy habits when it comes to screen use,” she said.

The Australian Child Health Poll overall key findings include:

  • The majority of Australian children, across all age groups, are exceeding the current national recommended guidelines for screen time
  • Three quarters of parents of children under six do not put time limits on screen use.
  • Eighty-five per cent of parents of young children (aged less than 6 years) said they used screen-based devices to occupy their kids so they could get things done with one in four doing this every day of the week.
  • Teenagers spend the most amount of time on a screen-based device at home, of any age group, at almost 44 hours on average per week – more than the time equivalent of a full time job. Parents averaged almost 40 hours per week.

Younger children also spend a significant time using screens at home; infants and toddlers averaged 14 hours, the two to five year-olds 26 hours, and the six to 12-year age group averaged 32 hours per week.

Note: A screen-based device in this poll was defined as a television, computer, laptop, gaming console, iPhone, smartphone, iPad and other tablet. For more information, including media material, see

Data source

The seventh Australian Child Health Poll is a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1977 adults aged 18 years and old. Collectively respondents had a total of 3797 children. The survey is conducted by an independent research agency on behalf of The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Each sample is subsequently weighted to reflect the latest Australian population figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics census data.

Wall unit and cabinetry looking for a new home!

I am looking to redesign my office space so that Connie can come in and work closely with me and it’s a great opportunity to strengthen her role as an AP.

I have two wall units that I would like to be deployed elsewhere so I can use the space more effectively. If any member of our community may be able to use these please pop into my office to have a look at them.

We will also be redesigning Malcolm’s office to enable the creation of a learning space for all of our staff, which we currently don’t have.

Thank you Carole Kelly

Carole has been our Business Manager during this term whilst Christine has been on holiday. Thank you Carole for all that you have done for our school and we wish you all the very best for the future.

Farewell  Ted Dwyer, Peter Krinscevski and Cruz O’Sullivan who are all moving to new suburbs and new schools. We wish them all the best with their future education.

Netball news

One of our girls’ netball teams, the Two Blues Hurricanes had some recent success in both goal scoring and fundraising.

The girls won a set of new uniforms as they were one of the top 3 scoring teams AND because they raised more than $1000 they went in the draw to win a private one hour clinic with one of the Vixen players which they won.

Finally I am thrilled to announce to the community that School Council has endorsed the renewal of my Principal contract for a further 5 years at APS. I feel that whilst we have made significant gains in the learning culture at our wonderful school, there is more to be strengthened and achieved.  I am looking forward to working with our whole community to continue to provide excellent educational provision and opportunities for all of our children.

On that note, a reminder that the children will all be dismissed at 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon.  I wish you all a fabulous holiday and I look forward to seeing all the children on Monday 17th July when our school resumes at 9.00am for the start of Term 3.

Rochelle Cukier





























































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