School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Staff Members

Parent Members

Rochelle Cukier

Nicki Batagol (President)

Connie Apostolos

Simon Gowland (Vice President)

Angela Sozzi

Laurie Conheady (Treasurer)

Colleen Johnson

Stephen Kruk

Peter Cracknell

Alicia Smith


Michael Martin


Liza Chancellor


Louise Anderson


Rachel Wilson


Justin Mastores

All parents of students attending Armadale Primary School are eligible to nominate. It is important that our Council is representative of our school community and that parents generally become familiar with and involved in the decision making processes of the school.

All meetings are open and parents are encouraged to attend as observers. If parents wish to raise issues on policy matters at Council, they are requested to see either the Principal or School Council President.

Much of Council’s important business is carried out by the following sub-committees:

  • Facilities - meets on Friday mornings
  • Education and Policy - meets on Thursday mornings
  • Finance - meets on Tuesday mornings
  • OOSHC - meets on Monday mornings

Each subcommittee discusses their respective agenda items and then make recommendations for our School Council to consider.

Whilst each of these committees has a core membership, the meetings are open to any school parents who would like to attend - please feel very welcome to come along and join in these meetings. We value parental input into the directions that aim to make our school even better. Meeting dates and main agenda items are published in the school newsletter.

School Council standing orders

Annual Implementation Plan 2017

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Annual Report to School Community

School Council meeting dates 2018:

Term 1 29 January- 29 March

Tuesday 20th March Education & Policy (library)

Friday 16th March Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 19h March OOSHC (Principal’s Office

Monday 26th March 2018 School Council 7pm

Term 2 16 April – 29 June

16th April Curriculum Day, 25th April Anzac Day, 11th June – Queen’s Birthday

Monday 23rd April OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 24th April Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 26th April Education & Policy (library)

Friday 27th April Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 7th May School Council - 7pm

Monday 4th June OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 5th June Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 7th June Education & Policy (library)

Friday 8th June Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 18h June School Council - 7pm

Term 3 16 July – 21 September

17th August – Curriculum Day

Monday 30th July OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 31st July Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 2nd August Education & Policy (library)

Friday 3rd August Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 13th August School Council - 7pm

Monday 3rd September OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 4th September Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 6th September Education & Policy (library)

Friday 7th September Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 17th September School Council - 7pm

Term 4 8 October – 21 December

6th November – Melbourne Cup, 27th December – Curriculum Day

Monday 15th October OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 16th October Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 18th October Education & Policy (library)

Friday 19th October Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 29th October School Council - 7pm

Monday 26th October OOSHC (Principal’s Office)

Tuesday 27th October Finance (Principal’s office)

Thursday 29th October Education & Policy (library)

Friday 31st October Facilities (Principal’s office)

Monday 10th December School Council -6pm