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Italian Day at Armadale Primary School

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Please refer to the flyer in today’s newsletter.

We are calling on parents to offer their time to help with activities on the day. Please email Vita with your availability if you are able to assist.

Students in all year levels have been rehearsing a song to perform at the Italian Day assembly. Use the links below to play the songs at home with your child.


Follow this link to see all the activities for Italian Day Italian day at Armadale Primary School



Years 5 & 6 - Il ristorante

Students have written scripts set in un ristorante, and have been rehearsing their role-play, during their Italian lessons.

Some students have brought in props and costumes from home, including lasagne, pasta con pesto, and la macedonia, fruit salad, that they have prepared themselves. They have also filmed their role-play during their lunch hour and recess. The

role-plays will be shown on Italian Day in the MPC from 2.30-3pm.

Connections to Italy

Year 5&6 students will be conducting interviews with students, staff, and the school community to find out the connections we have with Italy and the Italian language.  If you would like to be interviewed for this project please email Vita.


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