Qkr! tips

Here are some tips to help you use the Qkr! app for school payments:

For password problems phone the Masterpass help desk on 1800 689 532

Can I add multiple payment cards?

Qkr! will accept payment using any scheme credit/debit card accepted by the school, and you can add up to five different cards to your Qkr! account.

On checking out you can select from any of your registered cards.

Qkr! is provided by MasterCard so you know your payments are secure. No information will be stored on your phone. Registration details and card information are saved securely on the MasterCard network.

How do I add or delete payment cards?

To delete or edit your payment cards from the 'Settings':

1. Tap on the three horizontal lines icon at the top left of the screen.

2. Tap 'Manage Payment cards' and tap on the revlevant card.

3. Tap 'Edit Card', make the required changes and tap 'Update'; or Tap 'Delete Card', and tap Delete to confirm the deletion.

To add a new card from the Settings: Tap 'Add a new card', entre the card details and tap 'Add Card' to save.

To add a new card from the Submit Payment screen:

1. Tap 'Add Card' at the top right of the screen.

2. Enter the card details and tap 'Add Card' to save.

Can two parents set up an account for the same student?

Qkr! offers the ability for two parents to set up accounts for the same student if needed. However, please note that the two accounts are independent and no details are shared between them.

How can I keep track of my Qkr! payments?

Itemized Qkr! eReceipts provide a record of purchase and are a convenient way to keep track of your Qkr! payments.

To view your eReceipts:

1. Open Qkr! and tap 'Activity'.

2. Scroll down to 'Order History' and tap 'Receipt' to view eReceipts.

Never lose a receipt: email receipts to your account:

1. Select the eReceipt you wish to email to yourself.

2. Tap on the mail icon at the top right of your screen.

3. Tap 'Send' to email the eReceipt to your email address, or enter another email address, and tap 'Send'.

How are Qkr! refunds processed?

Please contact the Business Manager at the school office directly to cancel any school payments. These refunds need to be processed through the school office according to school policy.

How do I add or update a photo of my child on the Qkr! app?

if you wish to add a photo of your child or if you have previously added a photo of your child and now you want to replace it with a different photo:

1. Open Qkr! and select your school.

2. Tap 'Student Profiles' to display your child's/children's name/s.

3. Tap the child whose details you wish to edit, and tap on the camera icon.

4. You can either choose an existing photo from your device, or take a photo on your device.

5. When you have added the photo, scroll down and tap 'Update Profile'.

What is the reason for having a child's photo on the Qkr! app?

For ease of navigation, Qkr! gives you the option to add your child's photo to your app.

This feature is optional and is designed to save you time when placing Qkr! orders.

If you choose to add your child's photo it will display at the top of the screen when you are browsing school items onf Qkr! This feature is useful if you have multiple children at the same school. To select a different child when ordering, tap on the current chil's photo/name and select another child.

How can I remove unwanted items from my shopping cart?

It is easy to remove or amend items in your shopping cart prior to paying for them.

1. Open Qkr! and tap 'Activity'.

2. Under 'Active Carts' tap on your school.

3. Tap on the order or item you want to remove or update.

4. Tap the garbage bin icon to remove the item from your cart, or tap the pencil icon to update or amend the item in your cart.

How do I complete my payment after submitting a form?

Some activities have electronic forms attached that need to be completed prior to making the payment for the item, It is important to ensure that after you complete the form, you also complete the payment step,

To complete a form and the payment:

1. Open Qkr!

2. Select the activity that you are purchasing and 'Add to cart'.

3. Tap 'OK' when prompted for additional information.

4. Enter your Qkr! password to sign in to the form then complete the information as required. Fields with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to be completed.

5. Sign the form if required and tap Next or Submit when complete to add the activity and form to the cart.

6. Tap Checkout at the bottom of the screen to display your order summary showing that there is a form attached.

7. Tap 'Confirm & Pay' and submit the payment.

Should I log out from the Qkr! app for security?

Qkr! is provided by MasterCard and is the safe, secure, reliable way to pay for school items. Registration details and card information are not stored on your phone but are saved securely on the MasterCard network.

As a security feature Qkr! automatically logs you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. You will still be able to browse the menus and add items to your cart, but you will be prompted to enter your password to sumbit payments.

If you wish to actively sign out after each session, you may do so, however, you won't be able to browse the menus again without logging in. An alternative is to change your settings so that you are prompted to enter your password at the 'Submit Payment' step even if you are within the same 10 minute logged in session. This saves you logging out after each session and logging in the next time.

To turn on the 'Always prompt for password on checkout' option:

Open Qkr!, tap 'Settings' and ensure the 'Always prompt for password on checkout' setting is on (green).