Armadale Primary School has developed a great new Habitat Garden to assist with biodiversity in the school environment. With assistance from Conservation Volunteers Australia the Level 3 students designed and planted the new garden with hundreds of new indigenous grasses, plants and shrubs.


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Armadale Primary School is a member of ecoBUY, a not for profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing, established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally preferable (green) products and services.


In 2010, our school worked through the Energy Module in the Resource Smart Schools program. We looked at ways to decrease our energy consumption even further. We have already achieved a great deal, by installing our Solar Panels, using energy efficient lighting, and running a switch off program in the classrooms through the Green Team. Because we purchase 100% Green Power, we are totally carbon neutral, and when combined with the surplus power from our solar PV system we are actually carbon positive. There are very few schools in the state who can make this claim.

Have you seen our solar panels? We have a 5kw system installed and it is generating lots of clean renewable and free electricity for our school.


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Click on the link here to see exactly how much power we are producing.

Green Team

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Resource Smart Schools

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Stonnington Green Schools’ Network

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Armadale Primary School prides itself on being a Water Wise School. We have many measures in place to ensure that our water consumption is kept to a minimum:

  • Buckets are placed under all drinking taps to catch as much water as possible, and this is used on the gardens and trees
  • We have installed two rainwater tanks with a total capacity of 7000 litres to help keep our vegetable gardens going throughout summer
  • All of our toilets have had dual flush toilets installed