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I extend a very warm welcome to you all and feel extremely blessed to be leading a school community which places the highest value on honouring the child. All children are embraced, acknowledged and developed to reach their fullest potential within an outstanding learning ecology.

At Armadale Primary School we all belong in the learning together. We foster an outstanding learning culture of excellence within a nurturing and dynamic community. Our learners have enduring habits of mind and action such as enthusiasm; curiosity, creativity, commitment; independence, persistence; confidence; cooperation and collaboration. Our learners are reflective, practice meta-cognition, demonstrate adaptability and are observant of self and respectful towards others. They think independently and critically. They develop an open mindset; a strong sense of self – efficacy and have as a result, intrinsic motivation and robust resilience. All of these learning dispositions hold our students in high regard and enable them to become active, responsive and efficacious contributors to an agile 21st century society.

Our highly visible culture of respect, inclusiveness and tolerance translates to students strongly connecting to their peers with a positive sense of wellbeing. Our pedagogical practices together with the design of curriculum are pivotal to ensuring a personalised and a differentiated curriculum is provided for all of our students. We prioritise the strategies that have the maximum impact on student learning, seeing all children achieve growth through being stretched and challenged, resulting in our school consistently attaining outstanding academic results. Our rigorous and relevant curriculum provides a solid foundation in the skills, knowledge and dispositions on which further learning and adult life can be built.

Our partnership with you starts in Prep and the relationships and support offered to your child are extended to you and your family. We are all learners in this journey together and through a variety of workshops, learning walks and partnering sessions we together map out the learning plan for each child.

Please continue to explore our website further and don’t hesitate to contact the school or myself personally should you have any queries or specific questions,

I look forward to sharing a strong partnership with you and your family and invite you to become a vital part of the fabric of our thriving and flourishing Armadale community.

Rochelle Cukier


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Beliefs about Learning

Armadale Primary is committed to the development of a learning community where learning is seen as the central activity of both the individual and the school as a whole. One of the essential features of our community is our commitment to life long learning. Teachers plan a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of learning styles, promotes higher order thinking skills and encourages cooperative and collaborative learning skills. The teacher engages students in problem solving based on real life contexts supporting growth into independent learners. We encourage all students to reflect on their understandings and take appropriate action.


School History

Armadale Primary, which opened in September of 1884, is an inner south – eastern suburban school with a rich and varied history. The original facilities consisted of a wooden building, which opened for instruction on September 4 1884. This was replaced by the main single storey building, which was completed in 1886, with a further two storey building completed in 1901. Both buildings are classified by the National Trust. The school has many features, which include: a fully refurbished library, Visual Arts room, extensive computer network and well maintained grounds.


Our community participation is created by our sense of partnership and defined by a commonly accepted set of values, beliefs and guiding principles. We believe that parents are first educators and models of values and that the school has an important partnership role with the family. The role of the school is to advocate, model and support these values. The participation and community feeling is fostered through whole school events such as the Festa [every second year], family barbeques and a health week family breakfast.


School Vision

Our vision is to be an exemplary learning community. We place the highest value on developing the whole child with the skills, knowledge and dispositions for a lifetime of inquiry.


We strive for a culture of excellence for all learners within a nurturing and inclusive community to create a sense of belonging. We value diversity and seek to promote a deeper understanding of our world.

School Values

At Armadale Primary School we value :


All members of our community foster positive relationships and connectedness across our whole school community. We actively enable all of our community to create a strong sense of belonging and identify with a deep learning ecology.


All members of our community act with integrity, kindness and compassion and our practices enable respect of self and others, respect for our property and learning places. We respect diversity and difference enabling us to build an inclusive learning environment.


All members of our community take ownership for their learning, are accountable for their actions; emotions and interactions with each other and work collaboratively to achieve our exemplary learning community.


All members of our community are enabled to demonstrate resilience both during and after challenging situations, disappointments, and emotional experiences through our practices. Resilience is a protective factor to mental health and well being and promotes an optimistic emotional state that is ready to learn.


All members of our community practice reflecting as it is a crucial part of the learning process.being able to think things through – being reflective This allows our community to learn more about how they learn, enables them to become assessment capable learners and enhances a strong sense of self- efficacy and self-esteem.

Meet the Team


Rochelle Cukier

Principal / Wellbeing Leader

Connie Apostolos

Assistant Principal / Curriculum & Pedagogy

Zaim Zeneli

Physical Education / Maths Learning Specialist / Tutoring

Janine Sheean

Business Manager


Janine Sheean

Business Manager

Sarah Brehaut

Administration Officer

Karen Noble

Administration Officer / Education Support

Prep Team

Alyssa Thermos

Prep A Teacher / Prep Learning Leader

Ruby Cohen

Prep R Teacher

Julian Galota

Prep J Teacher

Year 1 Team

Angela Sozzi

1S Teacher / Year 1 Learning Leader

Steph Lampard

1ST Teacher

Year 2 Team

Rosanna Caruso

2R Teacher / Year 2 Learning Leader

Jocelyn Evans

2E Teacher

Year 3/4 Team

Allira Zeneli

3/4A Teacher / Year 3/4 Learning Leader

Richard Cornell

3/4C Teacher

Roula Konidaris

1K Teacher

Year 5/6 Team

Jenny Kourkouvelis

5/6J Teacher / Year 5/6 Learning Leader

Brad Neyland

5/6B Teacher

Specialist Team

Stephanie Drzewucki

Specialist Learning Leader / Library / Kitchen Garden

Pippa Cocks

The Arts

Peter Cracknell

The Arts

Vita Vampatella

Italian Language

Ariel Etherington

Garden educator

Clare Davies

Garden educator

Zaim Zeneli

Physical Education / Maths Learning Specialist / Tutoring

Tutoring Team

Zaim Zeneli

Tutoring / Maths Learning Specialist / Physical Education

Rachel Jackson


Education Support

Donna Brammer

Education Support

Jane Hutchins

Education Support

Karen Noble

Education Support / Administration Officer


Armadale Primary School

9-23 Densham Road,
Armadale, 3143

Street Parking

Street parking is available along the surrounding roads. Please be courteous to our residents, when parking, dropping or collecting students from school – obey parking signs and do not park in or over driveways. We ask that you leave enough time to drop off and pick up children in a safe and legal manner.

Please also give particular attention to how children alight from cars and come to meet you. If both the home and school emphasise obeying road rules and safety procedures, our children will make a habit of responsible behaviour.

Two Minute Zone - 'Kiss N Go'

The Kiss N Go operates as a safe place to drop off children and pick them up from school between 8.30-9.30am and 3.00-4.00pm on school days. There are two ‘Kiss N Go’ zones – on Densham Road and Northcote Road – where parents can quickly drop off and collect their children WITHIN A 2 MINUTE TIME FRAME. These are NOT parking areas, you are not allowed to leave your car and go into school or to the school gates. You must stay within 3 metres of your car. If you need to walk your child into school or to the school gates you must park in one of the surrounding streets, in a legal parking area (and not over driveways).

Be considerate and do not overstay your time in the ‘Kiss N Go’ zones. If your child is not there at the end of the day within 2 minutes, drive off and rejoin the queue.
The Stonnington Council parking attendants visit our school on a regular basis and issue fines to those who do not comply with these regulations. We also encourage all families to contact Stonnington Council if you have a traffic complaint on 8290 1333.

These zones are for the convenience of our whole school population – please think of others when you use these zones.

Parking, the law and you


Our school and wider community is a very active and vibrant one.

Parents and Friends for Armadale (PFA)

This group is very active in fundraising and many other community based activities. Click here to go to the PFA page.

School Council

This group is made up of staff and parents and meets monthly to make decisions affecting the general running of the school. Click here to go to the School Council page.

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